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Over the last few years, Swim Spas have become very popular for some good reasons. A swim spa can provide the benefits of a Spa as well as a swimming pool at the same time. They are not as large as traditional swimming pools but are able to provide a way for a person to continuously swim against strong water jets that provide warm currents of water. A swim spa makes it possible for a person to get all the benefits of swimming, without ever reaching the end of a pool and turning around.

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Keeping your hot tub clean is not just a way to ensure an enjoyable bathing experience, it is also important for ongoing maintenance and to keep your spa running smoothly. One of the key aspects of keeping a hot tub clean is looking after your hot tub filter with regular cleaning and periodic replacement. Keeping a spa filter clean can have benefits that you may have not assumed including better efficiency, using fewer chemicals, and increasing jet power! This blog post will help you understand what a hot tub filter is, what it does, why it is important to keep it clean, how to clean a filter, and some useful tips and advice.

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