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The Prestige range has been developed and designed with luxury and comfort in mind. Each hot tub and swim spa manufactured undergoes a thorough build process and rigorous testing procedure, ensuring each product is built to the highest of standards.

The use of American Aristech acrylic means each hot tub maintains one of the best surface finishes available, with an extremely hardwearing acrylic. This quality acrylic, combined with the SpaQuilt insulation, offers one of the most energy-efficient hot tubs in the market.

The Prestige range uses Gecko electronics, one of the best control panels and boards available. Based in Canada, Gecko is not only expert at delivering state of the art electronic components but also rigorously testing their products in context to ensure easy year-round operation.

This range offers the ultimate hot tub experience, from full body hydrotherapy, relieving everyday stress or tension, to offering a comfortable and luxury space to sit back and relax; the Prestige range has been designed to cover every single possible need.


The Advanced SpaQuilt Insulation available on the Prestige range offers users with an energy-efficient running hot tub. This feature has been built and tested for the most extreme of conditions while also reducing energy costs for the end user.

The Advanced SpaQuilt Insulation uses the heat generated from the pumps to keep the hot tub warm, reflecting this heat back into the spa whilst keeping out the cooler, outer air. This process ultimately reduces running costs, offering peace of mind when choosing to invest in a hot tub.

The Advanced SpaQuilt Insulation combines five different features to retain the heat within the cabinet.

This includes:

  • A reflective foil wrap on the base,
  • A cabinet with thick foil-coated insulation panels fitting into it,
  • Several layers of ultra-efficient spray foam,
  • An additional 360-degree wall of reflective foil wrapped around the steel structure locking in heat,
  • A well-insulated hot tub cover to retain heat and offer protection.


Choose from three cutting-edge shades of acrylic, designed to suit and complement any setting.

Midnight Canyon
Sterling Silver



The base of a hot tub is a vital foundation of the overall hot tub structure. The base serves many purposes and therefore, having a quality build, format, and design for the base is imperative for longevity.

Foundation-Base is a sculptured ABS plastic base that is further reinforced with fibreglass creating a structurally strong foundation that will last the test of time. With the materials used, the base of the Prestige range will not deteriorate in changing weather conditions or rot over time if sat in water for long periods.

One of the areas a hot tub can lose heat is from the ground, this is because cold can be absorbed through the base. However, the foundation base forms the start of the insulation process, acting as a thermal wrap.

The Prestige range is built from the ground up and the Stainless Steel frame construction is bolted securely to the base. By doing this, the whole weight of the spa is spread evenly limiting the risk of warping.

Completely sealed and weatherproof, locking in heat and sealing out moisture.

Quality assurance

quality anssurance

Manufactured to be long-lasting and low maintenance, every single hot tub and swim spa within the Prestige range comes complete with a stainless steel structure and ABS base.
The internal pipework is glued and clipped in place to withstand heavy usage and eliminate the risk of leaks.
From luxury American components to executive hydrotherapy massage pumps and jets, the Prestige is designed with some of the industry’s leading components.


The Prestige range is manufactured using a high gauge ‘Tubular Stainless Steel construction framework.

prestige frame

This provides added longevity compared to other traditional methods. The stainless steel frame will be corrosion-free and offers incredible stability. This type of material will not expand or contract with moisture/heat in changing weather conditions, meaning it is exceptionally good for all types of climates.

Due to the nature of a tubular steel frame and its size, it also allows for better access within the hot tub for any routine maintenance.


All products come with a built in Gecko control system; a global recognised brand known for its quality and innovation. The Gecko control system enables users to customise their hot tub experience with LED underwater changing lights, designed to suit a range of moods.

gecko k500

Bluetooth connectivity

The majority of products within this range come as standard with a Bluetooth amplifier and two built in pop-up speakers.

Simply connect your device with a click of button and play your favourite music, podcast or radio station via the built-in amplifier.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


The jets on this range have been designed to offer your very own personal masseuse waiting to work those aches and pains away.

Neck & shoulder jets

The built-in luxury hydrotherapy neck and shoulder massage jets are fantastic at relieving tension and muscle tightness.

These features are perfect for customers who suffer with neck pain, shoulder pains and headaches. The warm water combined with the Prestige jets is proven to relax muscles helping you to unwind and relax in style.

Leg & thigh jets

The hydrotherapy leg and calf jets will help to soothe and relax tired and aching muscles.
These jets are perfect for people who are active including cyclists and runners. Calf jets can also help with joint mobilisation, muscle strengthening, maintenance, restoration and improved circulation.


Lighting is another incredibly important feature for the Prestige range. Lighting isn’t just for safety or fun; it is also a science in its use.

Chromatherapy (also referred to as colour therapy) is a complimentary medicine technique and is the reason many small LED lights are added to the design of each hot tub.

Colours can bring about emotional reactions in the body by stimulating the optic nerve as well as nerves all over the body. Chromatherapy is often used in conjunction with hydrotherapy to heighten the effect.

The Prestige range has been specifically designed with Chromatherapy in mind – enjoy the soothing relaxation of the jets combined with the various colour changing effects.

Balboa Control System

The Prestige range features Balboa controls, widely recognized as class-leading. With high-end design and build quality, Balboa is renowned for its reliability, ease of use, and low running costs.

Comfortable Lounge Seats Relax and gaze at the stars in the OEM1 non-float lounger seats. Our loungers are designed to securely cradle your body against the acrylic shell, providing a perfect hydrotherapy massage. Suitable for individuals up to 6'3".

LED Mood Lighting

The Prestige range boasts the latest LED mood lighting. Regardless of your mood, there's a setting for it. The LED lights transition slowly through seven different colors, creating a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Built-in Bluetooth The Prestige range comes standard with a Bluetooth amplifier and two built-in speakers.

UV Disinfection

What is UV Spa Disinfection?

UV spa disinfection is an advanced, non-chemical process that utilizes germicidal UV light rays to sanitize hot tub water. Ultraviolet spa disinfection units emit high-intensity germicidal light rays that alter or disrupt the DNA or RNA of targeted organisms such as algae, bacteria, and protozoa. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy also eliminates organic matter found in hot tubs and spas, preventing the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products linked to asthma, allergies, and even cancer.

How Does Ultraviolet Hot Tub and Spa Technology Work?

UV for spas and hot tubs is installed in the piping of your spa's circulation system. UV bombards passing spa water flow with high-intensity germicidal ultraviolet rays that destroy more than 60 waterborne pathogens, including algae, bacteria, and viruses. The UV lamp is housed in an industrial graphite housing optimized for high flow rates. A highly specialized quartz glass sleeve protects the lamp from passing water while transmitting 99.9% UV light. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy destroys organic matter that causes major problems in warm water spas and hot tubs. Ultraviolet light eliminates pathogens within seconds of passing through the UV sterilization chamber.

Is Ultraviolet Hot Tub and Spa Disinfection Safe?

Ultraviolet hot tub and spa disinfection is very safe. The ultraviolet lamps are housed in a rugged, high-impact polymer housing. Ultraviolet cannot leave the sterilization chamber, so UV never enters the spa or hot tub. Ultraviolet disinfection is a physical process rather than a chemical, making UV the most environmentally friendly choice in hot tub sanitation. There is no residual effect that is harmful to humans, animals, aquatic life, plant life, or the environment. Ultraviolet also minimizes the need to generate, handle, transport, or store dangerous chemicals.

Prestige Range