Aluminium Covers

Discover our range of swimming pool covers

Having a swimming pool is surely a great pleasure for the family, not to mention a great way to face a summer in Spain. However, maintaining and cleaning swimming pools can be a laborious and never-ending job. Not only is it nice to make it shine and look great, it is also essential for pool hygiene and safety.

Choosing the right pool cover for your home largely depends on the aesthetic and functional criteria you have for your pool cover. Pool covers help with the maintenance and safety of your pool, keep the water free of debris, capture heat to reduce water heating costs, and protect children and others from accidental falls into the water.

We adapt the latest technologies in this field to produce telescopic, fixed roofs, domes and roofs at a good price. Thanks to the pool cover, the water will be protected 365 days a year avoiding rain, hail, cold and heat. This way you can extend the days of use and enjoy the pool.

Aluminum Spa Covers

With the Aguaflo hot tub covers, never stop enjoying a moment of relaxation all year round and when you want it, and when the weather is good, just open it, very easy way to enjoy the first rays of the sun and the outdoors. Our Spa covers offer a contemporary design that preserves water quality and facilitates maintenance.
We have a great variety of Covers made to adapt to the most common Spas and we would also manufacture Covers with the measures you require.