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Having a pool can be a heap of fun for the family, not to mention a great way to deal with a Spanish summer. However, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning can be a laborious and never-ending job. It is not only nice to have it sparkle and looking great, it is also critical for pool hygiene and safety.

Choosing the right pool cover for your home depends largely on what aesthetic and functional criteria you have for your pool cover. Pool covers help with maintenance and safety in your pool, keep the water free of debris, capture heat to reduce water heating costs, and protect children and others from accidentally falling into the water.

We adapt the latest technologies in this field to make telescopic roofs, fixed, domes and roofs with good prices. Thanks to the pool cover the water will be protected 365 days a year avoiding rain, hail, cold as well as heat. This way you can extend the days of use and enjoy the pool.

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Advantages of Aguaflo's covers

The care for small details and a commitment to innovation and development, make Aguaflo a recognizable brand for its prestige and quality. Today we have the most advanced technology that makes our factory one of the most modern in our sector throughout Europe. All this, together with a highly qualified team and oriented to meet the needs of the client, makes our swimming pool covers a product of the highest quality indicated for the most demanding clients.
Pool covers increase safety and prevents accidents, protecting children and pets. In addition, they prevent access to intruders.
In a closed pool, the water is protected, allowing to reduce expenses both in chemical products and in maintenance.
Air conditioning:
The installation of a closed “Aguaflo” increases the temperature of the pool and allows extending the bathing season to the months of spring and autumn.
At Aguaflo, in addition to having an extensive catalog of models, we strive to design a unique and exclusive environment around your pool.
At Aguaflo we develop projects one hundred percent adapted to the shape, place, size of your pool and, of course, also to your aesthetic preferences.
We can only offer a top pool cover if our materials are the best. Therefore, we work only with quality products that are firmly contrasted.

Aluminum Hot Tub Covers

With the Aguaflo hot tub covers, never stop enjoying a moment of relaxation all year round and when you want it, and when the weather is good, just open it, very easy way to enjoy the first rays of the sun and the outdoors. Our Spa covers offer a contemporary design that preserves water quality and facilitates maintenance.
We have a great variety of Covers made to adapt to the most common Spas and we would also manufacture Covers with the measures you require.
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