Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub Covers

In order to satisfy all of your needs, we provide a broad selection of replacement hot tub covers and fresh thermal choices.

The following are some advantages of hot tub covers:

  • They help in heat preservation and lower energy expenses,
  • Keep dirt and debris out of your spa so you may soak whenever you want,
  • Minimize the energy output, which can result in longer equipment life, to lessen wear and tear on important mechanical elements.

One of the simplest things you can do to maintain your spa working at its peak is to keep the cover in good shape.

If you need guidance on how to properly measure your hot tub or spa to accommodate your new cover, please contact us.




There are a large number of different spa shapes. It is therefore important to identify the shape of your spa correctly among the 12 offered on our costing form. For your information, 90% of rigid spas are square or rectangular with rounded corners, i.e.shape number 2.

Here are some examples below showing the different types of shapes :

Shape 1 (Most common)


Shape 2



It is vital to protect your spa with a cover, whether it is located indoors or outdoors. Its main purpose is to keep your spa water at the correct temperature and keep running costs down. The cover's insulation is undoubtedly the most important feature of your spa cover. It plays the most important role of your spa isothermal energy. The thicker it is, the less heat loss there will be.

Premium+ insulation
insupremium plus
Premium+ insulation (13-9cm) is recommended for outdoor spas subject to regular rainfall.
This insulation has an additional thickness in the middle of the cover.
This makes it possible to create a greater difference in level which will increase the flow of water.
You will therefore avoid water stagnation in the middle of the cover.


This is the most crucial step when filling out the spa cover costing form. We design the covers from the exact dimensions of the manufacturers, so it is important to indicate the make and model of your spa when asked. If you do not have the make and model information, the manufacturing plant will only use the measurements you provide.
Rest assured, an error of 1-3cm will not cause the cover to be incompatible with your spa.
However, the more precise you are, the better the cover will fit the shape of your spa.

A question often comes up: Should the measurements be taken on the existing cover or on the spa ?

mesure couverture

Please follow the following steps to measure your current spa cover correctly :
In the majority of cases, we will recommend that you take the measurements on the existing cover.
Taking measurements is easy. However :
  • The current cover should not be misshapen.
  • The current cover must fit the spa perfectly, you have no trouble positioning or removing it.


Spa measurements
mesure spa
You will need to take the measurements directly on your spa in the following cases :
  • The current cover is completely misshapen or warped.
  • The current cover is too tight, it is difficult to move and position it on the spa.
  • The current spa cover was not the correct size for your spa.
  • You no longer have a spa cover.




radius spa en

The radius is an important element in the measurement for all covers with rounded corners.

What is the radius?
This is the length of the radius of a circle formed by the curvature of the corner of your spa.
Measure the radius
radius spa 2 en
We provide a template that will allow you to easily identify the radius measurement.
The template can be downloaded and printed.
On this template, 12 arcs of circles are shown corresponding to precise radius measurements.
You can easily identify the arc of a circle that corresponds to the roundness of your spa.
To do this, position the template on the corner of your cover or spa and drag the template until you find a match.
If you hesitate between 2 circular arcs, choose the smallest radius.
Which radius to choose ?
bad radius
Depending on the spa models, there may be two circular arcs in the corners of your hot tub.
It is essential to take the measurement of the outer circular arc.
The cover skirt goes down vertically, so it is important that it goes down to the outside of the spa.


If your spa is a perfect square (ex: 213cm X 213cm), the position of the fold does not matter.
On the other hand, for all rectangular shapes, it is important to identify on which length/width the fold is positioned.

Fold along the length
fold a
By length, we mean the greater of the dimensions of the spa. If "A" is the greatest, the fold over "A" indicates that it is perpendicular to the length.
The fold will therefore have the same measurement as the width of the spa.
Fold along the width
fold b
The fold across the width will imply a longer fold length.
This configuration is used by people who want to easily fold up their cover.
Be careful of the adaptability of the cover lifter.