Apollon Corner (3/4 People)


  • Model: Apollon 3
  • Dimensions: 153 x 110 cm
  • Total dimensions: 153 x 128 x 190 cm
  • Quartz transmitters: 6 transmitters - 1800W
  • Carbon emitters: 1 Transmitter- 225 W
  • Seat depth: 45 cm
  • Accesories: LED Chromotherapy / Digital Control Panel / MP3 / FM Audio / USB / Ozonator
  • Temperature: 18 hasta 60 º
  • Structure : 100% Canadian spruce wood
  • Interior: Bench and headrest in abachi, seat depth 45cm
  • Door: 8mm thick safe glass
  • Food: 230V - 50 hz
  • Weight: 192 kg


The Apollon Quartz 3 Infrared Sauna gives you the benefits of chromotherapy and relaxation while listening to your favorite music.

The Quartz 3 infrared sauna originated in Finland and has a 2000 year history. The main objective has always been the same, it can increase body temperature, so that it takes full advantage of its benefits, to calm contractures, muscle and joint pain and release endorphins, thus helping to improve mood, relieve anxiety, stress, etc. . The therapist and many doctors recommend to improve the health of patients.

It has the novelty of full-spectrum quartz technology (Full Spectrum Quartz) and is a sauna that can accommodate 3 people. It is made of high-quality Canadian spruce wood, the main characteristic of which is the dimensional stability and strength of the spruce itself, which makes it very suitable for building saunas. Aesthetically it is the color of wood, with a brown texture and the grain of the wood. The elegant solid wood design is perfectly combined with the discreet and powerful equipment.

External lights and internal chromotherapy LEDs can provide unmatched illumination for the surrounding environment. The Apollon Quartz 3 infrared sauna has a built-in radio system with an MP3 player and USB / SD / AUX inputs, while the audio devices can play your favorite music, you can unplug and rest.

It has an unmatched sound thanks to its 2 included speakers, which are located in the upper part of the cabin to facilitate its sound. It is very easy to relax, as it has a digital control panel, in which you can adjust, modify or change functions at any time, according to your preferences. It is possible to access the panel from the outside either before entering or from the inside (through its inside panel).

The wide wavelength acts on the depth and surface of the skin, making it particularly relaxing. Use the infrared sauna at home to eliminate toxins, disconnect, and relax.


  • Quartz Apollon infrared sauna with seats for 3 people.
  • Includes Full Spectrum Quartz technology.
  • It has 7 radiators, 6 quartz radiators (1800W), and 1 carbon radiators (225W).
  • Total hourly power consumption is 2025 W.
  • External measurements are 128 x 153 x 190 cm.
  • Made with hemlock, 100% Canadian spruce logs

Advantages of the Apollon Quartz 3 Infrared Sauna

the most popular of which is that it can be turned on in 15 or 25 minutes, almost instantly, it is recommended to add this warm-up time to the session. If you want to have a session of 30 minutes, it is recommended to program 45 and enter the cabin at 15 minutes, since the sauna will already be almost heated, on the other hand, you can take advantage of this time to shower or bathe before the session, now well, do not forget to dry very well.

Infrared radiators are designed for greater resistance to quartz, if we combine it with carbon radiators, and combine them we can guarantee a perfect homogeneous temperature. Sauna Apollon Quartz 3 plates, is an aerodynamic sauna that reduces consumption considerably.

Given its dimensions, it is a very practical sauna to include in any corner of your home, as well as having the great advantage of being easy to install.

The main feature of the glass door is the 8mm thickness, with three slim side windows. In the absence of sufficient natural light, the general frontal lighting can be done from outside light, thanks to the help of LEDs you can appreciate the elegance and color of the wood.

You can also enjoy one of the best color treatment. Chromotherapy consists of fighting stress, satisfying anxiety, and can also sometimes cure certain diseases.

Some of the most necessary properties, red helps blood circulation, such as providing relaxation with green, blue strengthening and balancing the airways, orange to provide more stimulation, there are up to 9 different colors, to enjoy all its benefits. If you want more information about chromotherapy, do not hesitate to visit our blog, we have a very extensive information section.

Tips for better use of the Apollon Quartz 2/3 Infrared Sauna

  • At the first sign of freshness, increase the frequency of the session to activate your immune system
  • Take advantage of the warm-up session to gently stretch your muscles.
  • It is possible to relieve muscle tension by massaging the painful area during the session.
  • To keep the hair beautiful, you can coat the hair with oil (such as jojoba) or some treatment and wrap it in a towel. When the session is over, wash it off with an extra mild shampoo.

How to use the Apollon Quartz 3 Infrared Sauna

Compared to traditional steam saunas and infrared saunas with quartz and carbon systems, the difference is that the infrared ones reach the full spectrum, thus avoiding the release of vapors or heat at high temperatures (<90 ºC), the operating temperature ranges between 18 degrees and 60 ° C. It is always recommended not to use the sauna during a session of more than 45 minutes, we also recommend adjusting

the sauna temperature between 40 and 50 ° C. Thanks to the technology available when the desired temperature is reached, the heaters will go into suspension in order to maintain a constant temperature. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that sweating begins between 6 and 15 minutes after the session begins.

The Apollon infrared family saunas are also equipped with a control panel, through which the duration and intensity of the sauna can be defined. In addition to many other functions, we can also control the color of the interior lighting and background music in the cabin, in addition to many other functions.

Let's turn on the Apollon Infrared Sauna with a capacity for 3 people

First of all, you need to plug the plug into the socket. Once plugged in and verified that power is reaching you, you need to press the power button on the control panel. This will start the electricity. To adjust the temperature, use the button near the box labeled TEMP. Use the buttons below the frame to set the duration of your session, TIME, by time. Now you can enter the sauna, enjoy the previously scheduled session, and relax. Once the session is finished, it will automatically end. To turn off the sauna, simply press the ON / OFF button.

Full Spectrum Quartz Infrared Technology in the Apollon Quartz 3 Infrared Sauna

There is a button on each transmitter with which you can select the technology used:

  • For quartz technology: press the sides of the 2 strips to make the transmitter start.
  • Close the control panel: press the circle (center).
  • Magnesium Panel Technology - Push To The Side Of Row 1.

Let's enjoy using the Quartz 3 Apollon Infrared Sauna to the fullest

  • At a minimum incidence of freshness, you should increase the power of the session in order to activate your immune system.
  • You can use the heat session to gently stretch your muscles.
  • To relieve muscle pain, I massaged the tight area during the session.
  • To keep your hair beautiful, you can cover it with oil (for example, jojoba) or treatment and wrap it in a towel. When the session is over, wash it off with an extra mild shampoo.